GSL Alliances.

To offer the best global solutions it is necessary to form Strategic Alliances with the various relevant organisms in the field, such as: Educational institutions, International regulatory bodies, Providers, Financial entities and the Industrial community at large.

  • Tribological Modernization
  • Technological collaboration
  • Academic diffusion
  • International stadardization

Tribological Modernization:

Many leading World class companies, specialists in their fields, such as PETROBRAS, EXXON MOBIL, TEXACO, SHELL, REPSOL YPF among others, use one or more of our solutions as part of their standards and corporate policies to modernize their process plants as part of a competitive strategy to improve their productive availability and reliability in a sustainable way.
By means of a Commercial Alliance with GSL, companies that know and value the importance of high levels of reliability, can obtain the following incentives:

  • Preferential prices
  • Technological standardization including spare parts
  • Simplification of the purchasing process
  • Perfectly defined Technical scope
  • Pre-established contract conditions