Today the World Class companies are oriented to guarantee the Production Reliability, Profitability and Sustainable Development through the implementation of the best technologies and Tribological practices. This approach is focused on all their existing process units as well as all in construction planing stage.

The main goal of GSL is to Increase the Reliability and the Energetic Triboefficiency of Continuous process Units, by Reengineering the Traditional Practices of Lubrication satisfying our users’ specific needs and requirements.

  • Industries that look for World Class performance levels
  • Industries that appreciate the Productivity
  • Industries with Important Machinery and Equipment
  • Industries subject to strict Normative control
  • Industries that require high Availability and Reliability
  • Industries worried by the Energetic Triboefficiency
  • Industries whose process demands Severe Operation Conditions
  • Committed industries with the human Security and their facilities
  • Industries worried to Reduce Emissions of wasted lubricants
  • Industries worried to Operate in harmony with the Community and the Environment
  • Industries that are in Continuous Improvement and Modernization.