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Integrated Solutions

PADELI <sup>®</sup>

Strategic Integrated Lubrication Program: Increase the efficiency, reliability and availability of the Plant, reducing the Tribological Cost of Manufacturing during the Dynamic Equipment’s useful life-cycle.

Specialized service for dynamic equipment with Standards compliant metric systems

LubriMist <sup>®</sup>

Oil Mist Lubrication has revolutionized traditional lubrication methods and has become widely used in industry since 1979, the year in which the “Vortex” was included in the system, which considerably improved the quality and reliability of the Mist lubricant and also modernized the control and monitoring systems in the equipments generators.


Program for the reliability of critical equipment and turbo-machinery, through:

  • Tribological Management
  • Purification of Lubricants, Oil Analysis
  • Filtration, Cleaning of Lubrication Lines
  • Fluids and Lubricant Training

TurboClean <sup>®</sup>

Increased Reliability and Availability of Turbo-machinery in start-up and following Major Maintenance.

  • High speed flushing and cleaning, eliminates solids, oxides and varnish.
  • Reduces flushing times in a Turbo-machinery’s programmed down-time.

Lube & Fluids <sup>®</sup>

Solutions in Fluid Technology for whatever type of application. With API classification groups II,II+, III, IV and V with extraordinary resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation and varnish generation. Rapid separation of water and gasses. (Lubricants, greases and specialized fluids, teflon, silicons and food grade)
Lubricants for high pressure and resistance to chemical degradation.

LubeLab <sup>®</sup>

Quantative Analysis in modern specialized laboratories which work under International Standards ISO and ASTM and qualitive on-site analysis.
Reports with professional interpretations and proactive recommendations aimed at attacking the root-cause of problems encountered.
Analyses based on history

AutomaLube <sup>®</sup>

Automation of conventional lubrication practices for critical dynamic equipment. Application of mechanics, pneumatics and electronics to operate and control conventional Lubrication systems, with the purpose of increasing production, operative availability and safety of personnel whilst reducing maintenance costs caused by inadequate lubrication through the application of:
• Centralized oil and grease lubrication systems
• Purge mist systems with oil level recuperation

PureOil <sup>®</sup>

Conservation and conditioning of industrial fluids (Lubricant oils, Dielectric, Hydraulic, Combustibles and Vegetable oils)
Eliminate free, dissolved and emulsified water, varnish, solids and entrained gasses.
Increase the reliability and useful life of Critical machinery.
Absolute Filtration and Nano-filtration, eliminate solids, precursors in the formation of varnish from the oil in the system.

LubAPI <sup>®</sup>

Reconfiguration of Conventional Lubrication Systems in critical dynamic equipment.
Redesign, modify and/or replace lubrication systems, including lubrication lines, filter elements, lubricant deposits and monitoring and control systems.

TriboFree <sup>®</sup>

Products and Solutions based on a new generation of high technology materials. With this new generation it is possible to increase mean time between failures, increase the efficiency and improve the reliability of equipment. Product: DuPont Vespel CR-6100 High technology material containing 20% random planar oriented, chopped carbon fibers contained in a Teflon® fluorocarbon matrix. Designed to be used for pump wear components( Wear rings, Throat bushings, Pressure-reduced bushings, Line shaft bearings etc) to increase efficiency, reduce vibrations, improve sealing in chemically hostile environments and operate in frequent run-dry situations.

DinaFlu <sup>®</sup>

Integrated solutions for the fabrication and design of machinery for the distribution and automatic supply of lubricant, with level monitoring and a nano-filtration system for lubricant preservation.
Solutions by Industry
cementera.jpg Cement
Lubrication solutions for the Cement industry

alimentos.jpg Food Industry
Lubrication solutions for the Food Industry

oilgas.jpg Gas
Lubrication solutions in Gas Processing

vidrio.jpg Glass
Lubrication solutions for the Glass industry

Oil_Rigs.jpg Industry
Lubrication solutions for Industry

mineras.jpg Mining
Lubrication solutions for the Mining Industry

Oil_Rigs.resize.jpg OEM'S
Lubrication solutions for OEM'S

papel.jpg Paper
Lubrication solutions in the Paper industry

petroquimica.jpg Petrochemicals
Lubrication solutions for Petrochemical Industries

petro.jpg Petroleum (Exploration & Production)
Lubrication solutions for the Oil Industry

power.jpg Power Generation
Lubrication solutions in Power Generation

refinacion.jpg Refineries
Lubrication solutions for Refineries

siderurgia.jpg Steel Industries
Lubrication solutions for the Steel Industry

transformacion.jpg Transformation
Lubrication solutions for the Transformation industry

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