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Improved competitiveness/operations

When there are large quantities of machinery and similar equipment, a structured program of lubrication should exist. In this case it is easy to justify the automation of the lubrication process, considering the benefits regarding: Safety, Ecology, Energy Tribo-efficiency, Reduced Costs of Operation and Maintenance.

Causes of Bearing Failures:

Currently 36% of premature bearing failures are a result of lubrication problems, too much, too little, the incorrect type or contaminated lubricant.


*(Source: SKF)

Grease system

The objective of a Centralized System of Lubrication is to improve useful life, operational reliability, reduce energy costs of the Tribological equipment and improve availability of critical rotating equipment in hydrocarbon processing plants.

Level recuperation system

Allows monitoring in real time and automatic recovery of the oil level of each of the interconnected thermodynamic equipment in the system.

Other Products

Mobile centralized lubrication equipment: Mobile equipment is designed for equipment that does not require continual lubrication where conditions do not permit the installation of an automated system.

  • There is better quality of lubricant
  • Optimizes lubrication Intervals
  • Ultrasonic monitoring kit.

This device operates by means of the use of an acoustic electronic system that amplifies the sound that the bearing generates, which allows the user to determine the exact amount of grease necessary, therefore precisely lubricating the bearing for the correct and optimal operation.


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