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General Description

Service focused on guaranteeing the Operative Reliability of Critical Dynamic Equipment, by means of Reconfiguring existing systems or New Lubrication System Projects, all based on International standards such as: API 610, API 650, API 614, ISO 10.438, DIN 24.425, ASME SEC. VIII, ASTM among others.

Benefits include: reduction of unplanned outages of critical equipment, increase in machinery "Uptime" and a reduction in costs associated with operation and maintenance.

In process plants one of the most important activities, by its impact on plant efficiency, is machinery lubrication. Nevertheless, it has historically been one of the least understood or valued activities.

World-class companies give a great weight to this activity under a modern integrated tribological approach to sustain the reliable operation of their plants.

Turbo-machinery is dynamic critical equipment, vital to achieving production and reliability within continuous process Industries such as:

  • Petrochemicals, .
  • Energy Generators.
  • Paper,
  • Cement,
  • Steel
  • Glass and other manufacturing plants including OEMs.

LubAPI offer the design and manufacture of circulating lubrication systems, filtration and purification according to commonly applicable international standards, according to the necessities and specific requirements of each user and each OEM.

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