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General Description

Fluid Technology

Solutions in liquid Technology for any type of industrial and automotive application with the best lubricant trademarks, specialized greases and fluids produced by world-class companies for different sectors: Petroleum industry, Energy Generation, Iron and steel industry, Cement, Paper, Food and Manufacturing, with which drastic improvements are obtained that increase the yield and reliability of production in a sustainable way with long term benefits.

Lubricants form a fundamental part the a machines life, the technology used in their manufacture plays a very important part in the yield, reliability and maintenance of these equipments, for that reason we offer the best in world-class lubricants.

Lubricant Technology:

  • Hydro-cracked lubricants of high specification of API groups II, II+, & III.
  • Synthetic lubricants groups IV & V
  • Silicon and Teflon based lubricants for special applications
  • Food grade lubricants NFS H1


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