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General Description

LubeLab® analyses are a fundamental tool used to comply with most Predictive and Proactive maintenance strategies, which by means of the professional interpretation and evaluation of the tests made on machinery lubricants, can predict abnormal behavior in critical machinery.

It is probable that you already have some service or system to monitor the condition of the lubricants in your machinery, but is this really useful in actually solving the root cause of problems encountered?

The two basic characteristics to evaluate are: effectiveness and efficiency.

If you already have your own laboratory, or use a private one, to make analyses, the questions that you must answer on the service that you receive are:

  • Do you know if is technically specialized and has on the experience necessary to evaluate problems in industrial machinery? ,
  • Are the tests that are carried out on lubricants, updated under effective ASTM and ISO standards? ,
  • Do they offer interpretations and recommendations to problems detected, in a professional, proven supportive manner? ,
  • Do you receive results quickly? ,
  • Are you offered training and professional support in the area of Lubrication Engineering?

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