General Description

Oil Mist Lubrication has revolutionized traditional lubrication methods and has become widely used in industry since 1979, the year in which the “Vortex” was included in the system, which considerably improved the quality and reliability of the Mist lubricant and also modernized the control and monitoring systems in the equipments generators.

By installing an Oil Mist Lubrication System, immediate results are obtained such as, greatly improved reliability and availability of the process equipment, when performance is compared with traditional systems of lubrication: oil, grease and constant level.
Improved competitiveness/operation

The advantages of Lubrication by “Oil Mist” can be calculated and quantified using the Bearing Life Calculation formula according to ISO 281/2:2000 that has been used by the ASME Tribology Technical division committee, in a “Design Guide”, which includes in their calculation the advantages of this lubrication method.

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