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General description

PureOil® is a solution for the Conservation and Conditioning of Industrial Fluids (Lubricant, Dielectric and hydraulic oils, Combustibles and Vegetable Oils) eliminating free, dissolved and emulsified water, solids, varnish and entrained gasses.

Contaminants are those substances that are encountered in a fluid which act against the original function of the fluid and cause damage; they can be either solids, liquids or gases; heat and electrostatic energy can also be considered as contaminants These contaminants affect the physical as well as the chemical properties of the fluid or oil, causing deterioration or failure, which has obvious negative effects on their designed function in things such as: lubricating, cooling, cleaning and heat transfer in dynamic equipment.

Common Contaminants:

These contaminants can produce: scratches on smooth bearing elements, erosion in precision finishes, clogging in control and power elements such as(pistons and valves), sludge, obstructions in lubrication conduits, wear and breakages in electrical circuits.

Water: By nature oil is hydroscopic, meaning it takes in water, making it one of the most contaminating elements in fluids, if it is not eliminated from any of the elements in the system it can cause problems such as: corrosion, bearing wear, viscosity changes in a hydraulic system, chemical attack and, can affect lubricating oil additives; it can also cause a reduction in the dielectric strength in transformer oils.

Process Air and Hydrocarbon Gases: Air in the hydraulic fluid provokes erratic movements in a hydraulic system, which requires extra power from a lubrication system, which means it must be the removed.
In the case of gasses, there is a risk of fire, low viscosity, wear of moving elements and a reduction in the dielectric strength in an electric transformer.

High gas contamination can severely reduce an oils flash point which can result in spontaneous ignition, which can have dramatic consequences.

Degradation Products: Varnish and Sludge.
These products are generated when the fluid is forced to work extra hard in circumstances for which it was not designed, such as: excessive heat, accelerated oxidation, loss of additive package, etc. Causing the accelerated deterioration of the useful life of the fluid, causing harm to the equipment an unplanned outages

This is why it is important to identify the contaminant in the fluid and give it the proper treatment.


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