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Technological solutions

Purifiers dedicated and continuous designed to attend to diverse process equipment.

  • Thermojet®: Dehumidifies and degasifies lubricants
  • Nano-filtration System.
  • Removes varnish and sludge.
  • EHC - TAN control® High Efficiency Filtration.(Phosphate Ester Oils) Spin Lube®. A system to remove particles from lubricants in i
  • Internal combustion engines.
  • Vacuum Purification Systems.

Oil Purification and conditioning technology, through balanced charged particle agglomeration.

Balanced charged particle agglomeration is achieved by separating the fluid flow and charging the particles in each, one positive one negative.These particles are then attracted to each other forming larger particles that are easily captured and removed by a collecting filter.

EHC TAN Control (Phosphate Ester and FYRQUEL® Oils).

The solution in the removal of acids and metallic salts from phosphate ester fluids in EHC systems. Reduces acid, increases fire resistance properties and removes chlorides. The ion exchange filter has a long useful life, providing a continuous and permanent service.
It is possible to provide a service, for the reconfiguration of conventional filtration systems.


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