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General Description


  • High Speed Oil Flushing is a solution to clean lubrication systems, seal, control and hydraulic systems of critical equipment.
  • Reliability of equipment is a major preoccupation for all industries.

The proper prevention tactics and maintenance procedures for the lubrication/seal/control system are the main way to secure the reliability of equipment.

In circulating lube systems there is a high probability that polluting agents will damage critical elements. These polluting agents need to be removed to assure the reliability of the equipment.

The principle requirement to consider in high speed flushing is the turbulence created in the system.
The lubricating oil is the blood of Critical Turbo-machinery; the lubrication lines are the veins that transport this vital fluid.


Types of contamination

  • Contamination is created during fabrication and assembly after repair.
  • Contamination enters the system through the poor operation or absence of filter breathers in the system or through faulty seals.
  • Contamination is generated by the deterioration or wear of elements within the system; as well as by catalytic reactions.



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