Sicelub Ibérico has just performed an intervention in a Steam Turbine in Spain. We are helping to increase availability and Reliability in Renewable Energy Industry.

Customer had detected an increase in changing filter elements. When we performed the root cause analysis, we realized that this problem was due to water presence causing corrosion in the material of the oil reservoir.

We designed an action plan for online filtration until next Turnaround. During the Outage, we performed a complete cleaning of the system, including mechanical cleaning of the reservoir. We removed the oil lubricant from the reservoir and filter them in an external tank. Once we completed the cleaning of the reservoir, we filled out with lubricant being sure that the ISO Code was lower than recommended by Normative and OEM. It can be here the evolution of the cleanliness.

When Steam turbine started-up, we realized that water content was higher than allowed, and we installed an Oil Purifier Thermojet for solving this new issue.
Steam turbine is now generating energy and we continue monitoring oil contamination levels, to prevent future problems.

From Sicelub Iberico we had there to Marcelino Castejón, Noelia Velarde and Ander Arenas.
We would like to say thanks to our customer for calling us!