During March and April, Lubritech Perú performed a very important High Velocity Oil Flushing in Screw Compressors un a Gas Compression Unit in a Peruvian Refinery.

Due to the complexity of the job, and the short time turnaround, we performed the job with a high flow pump (600 lts/min), in order to secure a quick cleaning process in all lubrication and control systems.

All activities were performed with Safety, Efficiency and Quality.


Our team in the field were the technicians Marcos Mesa, Luis Yovera and Omar Milla.

In previous posts we share with you that we had signed a Frame Agreement in Brazil for performing services in the Wind Power Market. Now, we want to share information of some jobs we performed during Q1-22. We performed oil flushing to 63 Wind Towers in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. This job was managed by Valdinei Silva and Rafael Castro. We had three technicians in site, performing all the job. They are Lucas Santos Souza; Magno Lima Santos y Manuel Souza Oliveira.

During the oil Flushing, we also performed oil change, oil analysis on site, under the best practices in Safety, Quality and Environmental.

We want to share with you several pictures we got. We want to say thanks to our customer, congratulate our team and share with you this achievement.

Any further information you want to receive around Wind Tower Solutions, you can email to info@sicelub.com, and we will contact you!

During 2021, Sicelub Ibérico performed different oil purification services in an important Refinery of Spain, using a Thermojet Oil Purifier.

In one Service, main objective was to remove water from oil and in other, to remove gas entering the lubricating oil system from mechanical seals. In both cases, the Thermojet showed a high efficiency for purifying the oil, achieving saving in oil consumption, and making more reliable and available the rotating equipment, since it wasn’t necessary to perform an unplanned outage for repairs. We know that a good oil quality extends life of mechanical elements like journal bearings, valves, etc.

From environmental point of view, our customer saved more than 50,000 liters of oil in one year, which is a great impact in Sustainability.

We would like to invite you to know more about our Thermojet Oil Purifier in our web page, where you can find more info about the technology and some case studies.