Lubritech Argentina performed a meeting with several engineers and technicians of an important Refinery in Argentina, with the purpose of sharing technical knowledge in lubrication engineering. Focus was to review some normative topics and review practical applications during the day-by-day operation in the Plant.

Topics reviewed were:

  • Tribology and Lubrication. Basic Concepts.
  • Oil Analysis Program for Equipment in Refineries.
  • Contamination Control Actions during Turnaround.
  • Oil Purification for Turbomachinery.
  • Revision of Normative ASTM D4378, ASDM D6439 y API 614.


Cristian Schmid performed this training, and it was an intense interchange of comments between all participants. You can review more technical information in

You can see pictures of the training.

Durant August, our company, Lubritech Perú, performed a training in lubrication applications in a very important Refinery in Peru. This training was delivered to more than 30 professionals from operation, maintenance and engineering performing their activities in this Refinery. This is just one the first training that our company will perform for sharing knowledge about:


  • Tribology and Lubrication.
  • Lubricants Groups I, II, III, IV and V.
  • Oil Contamination and Degradation.
  • Oil Analysis according to ASTM.
  • Oil Reclamation inTurbomachinery.
  • Filtration and Flushing during Turnaround in Refineries.
  • Conventional Lubrication.


Training was performed by Roberto Romero. He has more tan 30 year in background in industrial lubrication in Refineries. Focus was practical application, reviewing techcnical concepts.

This training helps to improve Reliability and Availability on rotating equipment in Refineries. You can see some pictures of the training.

Lubritech Perú has been working in 2022 with several projects in new Refinery in Perú, working with a first level Engineering and Procurement Company. We have recently completed the chemical cleaning of a Flexicocking Unit. We have generated and treated more than 2,900 m3 of effluents.


More than 30 technicians have worked with us in this project since 2021, achieving the high standards of quality, safety, and productivity. We continue performing projects of commissioning and start up of the Refinery for 2022-2023.


In the upcoming months, we will perform more high velocity oil flushing services in steam turbines from Boiler B and C.

Finally, we are acquiring more equipment for future activities in the Refinery. This better structure allow as to offer better service portfolio to all our customers in Peru.