Lubritech Perú has successfully completed a Service of reservoir cleaning and lubricant Filtration in TG-01 in a Thermal Power Plant in Perú. More than 3,000 Gallons were extracted from the reservoir, filtered, and added to the reservoir after cleaning. In the attached pictures, dirty is observed in the reservoir prior to cleaning.

When an ISO Code of 16/14/10 (NAS 5) was reached, the job was completed.

Under this cleanliness level start up of the turbine is safer and operation is reliable, according to recommended by ASTM D-4378.

For this job we had 3 lubrication technicians, a 50 GPM filtration unit with β3 higher than 1,000.

Even during January, the team performed a Filtration to an Elliot turbo compressor in a Refinery to reach an ISO Code of 16/14/12. All the process was according to ASTM 6439-99, and we used a 20 GPM equipment with β3 higher than 1,000.

We would like to thanks to our team in Peru, and we go for more!