Sicelub Lubritech Group has delivered a Thermojet Oil Purifier to a very important customer in Venezuela, after several years without operations in that Country. This news makes us proud.

The Thermojet oil purifier can remove free, emulsified and dissolved water, particles and gases in different lubricating, control and sealing systems in Turbomachinery. There are more than 200 Thermojet oil purifiers operating in different countries in Iberoamerica, and this is a exclusive design of Lubrication System Company, our sister company in Reladyne.

This operation was done thanks to our exclusive representative in Venezuela, Tecflow ( They developed all the commercial, administrative and operative processes there.

Any need you have related with oil mist lubrication, oil purification and other applications in Venezuela, please, feel free to contact to Tecflow, o to Sicelub Lubritech Group at, where we will arrange the best way to provide an assistance together with Tecflow!