One month ago, we performed an important oil reclamation in a platform FPSO in “Bacia do Campos” in Brazil.


During this job, our technical team was on board for purifying 1.200 liters of lubricant, to reach the cleanliness requested by OEM in the lowest time, to guarantee a safe commissioning and start up, after a maintenance.


We used high filtration skids, and Thermojet Oil Purifier, to reach NAS 5 cleanliness and 100 of water content.


We also brought with as portable analysis equipment, to determine NAS code and water content during our service. We were able to finalize the service 2 days before than the due date, in a safe way and with high quality standards. Our customer was able to anticipate tests and startup of the equipment.


Lubritech do Brasil thanks to our “on board” technicians Marcos Santos e Ilmar Macedo, and all the Operation and Administrative team for their support during this job!