During past July and August, our team performed a great job of High Velocity Oil Flushing in 7 big equipment in a very important Refinery in Nord east of Brazil, during a Turnaround.


Due to the complexity and short available time, we worked in two fronts, using high flow pumps (flow from 1.900 up to 4.180 lts/min), to reach a turbulent flow in all lubricating and control systems.


We also performed the job in hydraulic systems. Because the small diameter of piping, we used a high-pressure pump (able to reach 200 bar); to provide a high flow.


All activities were performed in the available time, with Safety, Efficiency and Quality.


Our project lead there was Alexandre Adão, several technicians were involved in the operation (Alison Luiz, Anderson Morais, Djalma Alves, João Sousa, Leandro Araujo, Rodrigo Cardoso, Rogerio Araujo, Willians Mendes e Ilmar Macedo). Our Project Engineer (Rafael Castro) and Operation Coordinator (Valdinei Silva) were also working in the Project. All the team worked following our covid-19 protocol.


Lubritech do Brasil wants to say thanks all for commitment and dedication to the project.