Sicelub Ibérico is performing a long-term lubrication contract in a Chemical Plant in Spain. The PADELI contract is focused on performing routine lubrication task, but with the focus on continuous improvement, using technology and specialized technicians. We know that best practices of lubrication improve reliability and availability of rotating equipment.

In the latest weeks, we performed grease lubrication using ultrasonic guns. This is a great improvement compared with manual lubrication or just “adding grease” to bearings.

On other hand, we performed MPC varnish testing in some equipment, and found high values, which indicates that varnish potential is high. Immediately, we connected an external equipment for removing varnish, and we reduced MPC from 42 down to 5, just in 2 weeks, for a reservoir of more than 1,000 Gallons.

You can find more information of our PADELI service in our web page and regarding varnish removal, Grupo Sicelub Lubritech will perform a free Webinar on September 21st.

We thank to our workforce in Spain, and we share some pictures of our job there!