During august, our Company, Lubritech Argentina performed a cleaning chemical and high velocity oil flushing in a hydraulic system for a furnace in a very important metallurgical Company in the west of Argentina.

We performed a design of different cleaning circuits, using bypass and manifolds to reach every point of the system.

We used chemical products for initial stage, performing degreasing, acid removal, phosphatize, and passivation of internal of piping. Then, we performed high velocity oil Flushing using the original fluid of the system, reaching turbulent flows. We got different sample to analyze and find the ISO 4406 Code.

The Project was completed in the scheduled time. Customer provided a good feedback regarding Safety, Quality and results.

Our technicians were Andrés Yamin, César Zulatto, Josué Buozi y Nazareno Marinelli.

You can see some pictures and videos.

We would like to thank to our Customer and our team for their commitment. We share some pictures, and if you want to have additional information, please reach us at www.sicelub.com; send an email to info@sicelub.com; or write a WhatsApp message to +34 616 54 70 86.