During July, our Company in Brazil, Lubritech do Brasile performed several trainings for Customers and employees. We do believe that knowledge transfer to our customers and employees is a key strategy for improving performance.

Early July, we did a first training session about contamination in lubricant for turbines, for several maintenance managers of a very important power plant company with more than 30 turbines in the country. Totally, more than 80 attendants were present in our training. Key topic was varnish prevention and removal in turbines.

Middle July we performed another training in an important Refinery in North of Brazil where more than 70 persons attended. Main topic was Oil Mist Lubrication for Centrifugal Pumps.

Lastly, we performed an internal training to our technicians about High Velocity Oil Flushing, Particle Counter analysis, and maintenance of Thermojet oil purifiers.

We share some pictures, and we would like to thank to Leonardo Cardoso, Valdinei Silvia, Alexandre Adao y Marcilio Oliveira for arranging and performing all these trainings.

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