We would like to inform to our followers that we have updated our webpage, https://sicelub.com/en/home-en/, specially in Area of Products/Services. During 2022, we have developed new services and products, content that we have added to our site!


  • New demisting unit, to reduce cost of installation and operation of Oil Mist Systems.


  • New Thermojets models, to remove varnish, for non explosive proof, and new model with higher flow of operation.


  • Specialized Flushing Services, to hydraulic systems with high pressure equipment, for mechanical seal reservoirs, and Chemical Cleaning and Flushing to Refinery Commissioning.


We invite you to review the news that periodically publish at https://sicelub.com/en/news-sicelub-lubritech-group/, and question or request, you can email us to info@sicelub.com, or visit our social networks (colocar vínculo a las Redes).


We would like to wish a Happy New Year 2023 to our employees, customers, suppliers and the community in general!