Our Company, Lubritech do Brasil, performed a lunch and learn event in October in a Chemical Plant in Brasil.


We introduced our technology and services focused on inccreasing Reliability and Availability of rotating equipment. We included the following topics:


  • High Velocity Oil Flushing.
  • Varnish Removal Flushing
  • Thermojet Oil Purifier.
  • ISOPur Oil Purifier. Balanced Charge Agglomeration.
  • Oil Mist Lubrication System for improving MTBF in centrifugal pumps.


We would like to thanks to Ricardo Bispo and Valdinei Silvia for performing the training and we hope to continue working with this Customer. Any doubt or comment, please, email us info@sicelub.com


We share some pictures.

Lubritech Argentina has just performed a big flushing service during a turnaround in an Ethylene Plant in Argentina. We would like to highlight that all Sicelub Lubritech Group has a big background on this kind of rotating equipment, we have performed similar services in Spain, Brazil and Argentina.


We were awarded after an open tender process, where we were the Company that was able to propose the best schedule for flushing service, at a lower cost, and with the best safety conditions.


We performed High Velocity Oil Flushing to all lubricating and hydraulic systems of the rotating equipment.


The flushing job was scheduled by our customer in 60 days, but we were able to complete the job in 45 days. We had high flow pumps (500 GPM), we applied pneumatic vibration and heated the oil up to 60 °C.


Our team was formed by 7 field technicians, 1 EHS and 1 Project Leader (Martín Videla). We worked in two shifts, to reach the lower time for performing the service.


We would like to say thanks to our Customer and our Staff in Lubritech Argentina. Not just to the personnel in the field, but also to the Staff that supported commercially and administrative from head offices in La Plata. We would like to share some pictures with you!

We started recently a ney Project in a Refinery in North of Perú. The Project is for “FHigh Velocity Oil Flushing in Steam Turbine GE-ST-20301 in Boiler B/C. It is very important to perform the cleaning of the system since this is directly related with the probability of having a non expected failure at Start of Operation of new Equipment.

The contract was awarded to Lubritech Perú Company. We performed movilization of equipment, hoses, flanges, bypasses, filtration equipment of 100 GPM, stainless steel filter housing, mesh filtration, etc.

We want to say thanks to our customers and our operational team for the opportunity of collaboration on this important Commissioning Project.